Saturday, October 2, 2010

Powerful Social Media Book Marking Tools For Clipping, Saving, Organizing and Sharing just about anything.

This week we are featuring a few incredibly useful tools for the Social Media Manager. We love these and use them every day. So lets start out with one of our all time favorites.


Chances are, if you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you remember it. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe
I had been searching for a tool like this for sometime. Evernote is a truly powerful application that will allow you to easily take web clippings, images, hand written notes, voice memos, and more. It also syncs your Evernote so you can get access to your information from any computer or smart phone. This is the perfect cure for that disorganized person in your life. It is also amazing for doing research and grabbing snippets of blogs, or other text and organizing it into search-able folders.

Download Evernote For Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices
A few simple ideas to get you started
  • Click New Note and take down an idea or task.
  • Clip and save a webpage using a Web Clipper.
  • Use Evernote on your phone to snap a photo of a whiteboard, business card, or wine label. Evernote automatically makes text in your snapshots searchable!
Lots of useful features
  • Take notes, save images, create to-dos, view PDFs, and more
  • Access your Evernote notes from any computer or phone you use
  • Search and find everything, even printed or handwritten text in images
I cant say enough about this superb application be sure and Browse the Trunk for applications and notebooks that make your Evernote experience more awesome. Check out the Video tutorial site for all sorts of usefule information, tips, tricks and advice. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

2. Amplify Bookmarklet - Social Media Sharing and Autoposting

3. Amplify Bookmarklet - Social Media Clipping and Sharing
ToRead an Email Bookmarking Service
Are you using an online bookmark service to save dozens and dozens of "toread" web pages?

Are you fully satisfied with them?

If you find it hard to manage your "toread" web pages, just try "toread", an email-based bookmark service.

"toread" gives you a simple way to go through your "toread" web pages.
It's simple, free and handy after all, all-in-emails!

As you receive your "toread" websites by email, you can save them in your local disk and browse them at any time, with no online connection required.

Try "toread" from today, and you will find a better way to get along with your "toread" web pages.
These are three excellant tools for blog clipping, sharing, and saving virtually anything on the web.

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