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10 Useful Code Tricks for Business Facebook Fan pages

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10 Useful Code Tricks for Business Facebook Fan pages

Facebook Logo F 13 300x300 e1294676771126 10 Useful Code Tricks for Business Facebook Fan pagesFacebook Pages are among the best ways to promote your product using the Social media. You can drive lots of visitors to your blog and also could market your product with small investment with the Facebook page. But just creating a Facebook page for your business is not going to promote your business after all, you should have to gather lots of loyal fans to your page and drive them towards the promotion of your product.

So for gathering the Fans for your Facebook page you have to make your page more interactive. In this post we have brought you 10 Cool Facebook Code Tricks for your Business Facebook Fan pages using the Static Fbml Facebook Application.

1. Embedding YouTube Videos

When you click the embed button below the video in YouTube, It will give you the embed code to put that video easily on your website or might be using some free plugin to easily embed youtube videos on wordpress blogs.

But in case of embedding YouTube video on Facebook page, the default embed HTML code doesn’t works. The video on Facebook can be only embedded using the lash. Copy-Paste the code below into the FBML box of your page to embed the video. Remember to replace VIDEO_ID with the YouTube Video ID before you save.

<fb:swf swfsrc=”” imgsrc=”” width=”480″ height=”360″ />
2. Separate contents for Fans and non-fans
Showing Separate contents for the Facebook Page fans and non fans can also help you gain more fans for your page. You can use the FMBL below and show separate content for the fans and non-fans.
<fb:fbml version=”1.1″>

<fb:visible-to-connection>This part is visible for fans only!

<fb:else>This part is visible for non-fans</fb:else>



3. Invite to Friends box

Adding an Invite to Friend box below the main Content of your welcome Tab will also help you increase the fans of your page as it makes your fans easier to invite their friends on Facebook. Use the following code in FBML box  to insert the Invite box in your page.

<fb:request-form method=”post” type=”[your organization]” invite=”true” content=”Check out [your organization]<fb:req-choice url=’’ ‘ label=’GO’ /> “>
<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Tell your friends about [your organization]” rows=”3″ showborder=”true” />

4. Adding a Comment Box

Adding a comment Box on your Facebook page or adding it below any featured product on your page makes your readers easy to comment on the specified product easily. You can use the  following code in the Fbml box to insert it in your page.

You can also take our old reference post for adding Comment box on Facebook page with tutorial.

<fb:comments xid=”YOUR_PRODUCT_UNIQUE_ID” canpost=”true” showform=”true” candelete=”false” numposts=”3″ returnurl=”http://YOUR_PRODUCT_HOME_URL”>


5. Adding podcasts and MP3 Audios

Like YouTube videos you can also embed podcasts or any Mp3 Audio on your Fan page using the Fbml. You have to provide the direct link to the mp3 audio file or Podcast in the Fbml. Facebook will wrap them in their own player and make your fans listen to it easily.

<fb:mp3 src=”″ title=”Our new Song” artist=”This Week in Facebook” />

6. Adding pop-up Dialog Box

The Pop-up dialog box is used to give the short description of the link with on a Popup dialog box whenever a user clicks a specified link in your fan page.

For instance,You have used pop-up box for the ‘About’ Link on your page then it will show the popup box as above when your fan click on the link and the ‘learn more’ link can be even redirected to your About page.

<fb:dialog id=”dialog” cancel_button=1>

<fb:dialog-title>About Us</fb:dialog-title>

<fb:dialog-content>Bloganol is a Blog About Tech, Social Media, Opensource and more.

Would you like to learn more?</fb:dialog-content>

<fb:dialog-button type=”button” value=”Yes” href=”” />


<a href=”#” clicktoshowdialog=”dialog”>Click here</a> to learn more.

7. Adding Polls to the Page

Previously in our blog we have already published a post about Ultimate Tricks and applications to make your facebook page a masterpiece. On that post adding a poll on a Facebook Page was also included but it was using the direct Facebook application.
In this page we are talking about inserting Polldaddy polls on your fan page in a Tab using the Fbml. Copy-Paste the following Fbml to insert polldaddy polls on your Facebook fan page. Remember to replace POLL_ID with your Poll id from Polldaddy before you save.
<fb:swf swfsrc=’’  width=’250′ height=’500′ imgsrc=”poll-thumbnail.jpg” />

8. Inserting Flash Content

Inserting Flash Content on your Facebook page is also like inserting YouTube video in your Page. Use the Fbml to insert Flash content n your page. Use the Flash file URL in the swfsrc and use the image URL on imgsrc as the source of the image that is being displayed, before your flash.

<fb:swf swfbgcolor=”000000″ swfsrc=’’ imgsrc=’’ width=’760′ height=’920′ />

9. Adding a Chat Room

Adding a chat room on your Fan page enables you to chat with your Fans when they are on your page. Firsth thing yopu need is to create a Flash based chat widget for your Facebook page using MeeboMe and then embed that Chat widget on your Facebook Fbml box usng the code below.
Remember to replace CHAT_ID with your widget chat Id provided by Meeome before you save the code.
<fb:swf swfsrc=’’  width=’515′ height=’425′ imgsrc=”chat-thumbnail.jpg” />

10. Adding a share button

A share button on your Facebook page lets your fan to share the provided link on their Facebook profile easily. You can use the following code on Fbml Box of your Page to insert the ‘Share’ button on your fan page.

<fb:share-button class=”meta”>

<link rel=”target_url” href=””/>


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