Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What You Need to Know About The Facebook Revamped Comments Plugin

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Facebook has revamped its comments plugin, and this is big!  In case you weren't aware, the previous version had tons of flaws that kept many site publishers from using it.

Below are a some of the main features that will have you implemented this plugin on your blog very very soon:

Die Captcha!

I know you've come across captchas before that make you pull your hair out.  I have too.  Instead of avoiding bot spammers with captcha, the FB comments plugin requires you to be logged in to comment.  So, theoretically, it will have to be a real person that comments.  That's also a benefit for the end user.  Instead of digging up your Disqus or OpenID password, if you're already logged in to Facebook the system is ready for you to start commenting.

Moderation Is Good.

This was probably the single most important reason the previous version of the comments plugin never took off.  It didn't have any type of moderation controls.  But guess what, the new one does!  Admins can remove comments.  Other readers can mark comments as spam.  It remains to be seen just how effective these new controls are, but we're hoping they do the trick.

Conversations Spread Faster!

One of the big issues we've always had with comments on blog posts was that they were confined to the site itself.  Facebook has taken a big step here and has given the option for those who comment to post the comment to their Facebook wall as well.  And not only that, if someone sees that comment on their Newsfeed and comments back, it will show back on the original website as well!

We Think You'll Like This.

Instead of viewing the most recent comments, users will first see comments that Facebook has determined as relevant to them.  We know they failed with the new page post ranking system, but this is one instance in which it might work.  When was the last time you came across a blog post with 100 comments and actually read them all?  Exactly.  Unlike the page posts, in which chronological orders means something, I think on blog posts it can be beneficial to see comments at the top from people I'm connected to.

That about sums it up!  We're still looking for a tested WordPress version of the plugin, but if you're tech savvy, you can head here to find the new plugin

Also, check out this video where a Facebook VP tells a little bit about this new system:

these new controls are, but we're hoping they do the trick.


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