Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook How to Make Your Band Page Not Suck

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Some Facebook Band Pages are pretty lame. They just have a silly-written bio with some staged photos taken behind some train station. But where these Pages really fail is that they do not engage their fans in the least bit. In fact, most of them simply point their fans to another website for information.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your Facebook page engaging, effective and…well…not lame anymore.

Tip #1: Let There Be Sound!

There are quite a few ways to allow users to listen to music on your Facebook Fan Page. I’ll detail a few apps that allow you to do that.

BandPage is nice because it acts as a one-stop page for your band. Users can listen to tracks you upload, read your band bio, checkout upcoming events and watch videos of you live all in the same time. The app integrates Twitter posts too. One cool feature is that Fans can comment on your “Wall” directly within the application, so they don’t have to leave it, click on wall, comment, then come back. Check out SnoopDogg’s BandPage to see that this Ain’t Nothin’ But a G-Thang.

My Band works a lot like the previous application, allowing users to listen to music, read your bio and see events. There are some great viral features here too including the ability for users to invite friends to your page, as well as a link where they can purchase tickets to upcoming events. It’s a bit more simplistic than BandPage, but it does the trick and has tons of ways to spread your message. Check out Folk- Artist Danielle Miraglia’s and discover a “New Version of an Old Thing.”

Music Tab is probably the most simple of the three Music-focused applications we offer, but who says simplicity is a bad thing. It allows you to display your Band’s music directly on your facebook page. Set up is simple and if you want you can include a link to where users can purchase. All-in-all, simple, but effective.

Tip #2: Make Me Buy Stuff

So, I like your music now, but you’re still eating Ramen Noodles… What’s next? Make me buy stuff. Simple as that, you want to make money. Here’s a few apps to help you.

You spent all that time uploading songs to the iTunes store, let’s bring in the users. This simple app allows you to display your entire iTunes store directly on Facebook. Users can sort the page by songs or albums. When they click each song (attached with a thumbnail), it will then take them to the iTunes store where they can purchase your music. It’s really a great way to turn normal Facebook Fans into Music-Buying Fans, which means money in the bank.

Who ever said you can’t sell stuff on Facebook? User this app to list your merch- shirts, buttons, skirts, shoes- or anything you’d sell from one of those sticky tables in the corner of a Music Hall. This is great because users can share these items on Facebook and Twitter, which might bring home more bacon.

Tip #3: Keep Me In the Loop

Ok, I’m enjoying your music, uploading it onto my iPod, wearing your t-shirt…now what? Keep me interested. There’s many ways to do this, here’s a few:

Twitter- We Love It, But Don’t Know Why

So, you’re telling me about that piece of toast you burnt this morning and uploading a picture of it. Where do these pictures go when they’re no longer your most recent Tweet? Well- They can go directly in an app on your Facebook. Whether you use Yfrog, TweetPhoto, or Twitpic. Check out Chamillionaire’s Twitpic App. They’re both Big Ballin’ here.

What if user’s haven’t found you on Twitter yet? Well, here’s the Twitter Tab to convert them into your newest Tweep.


If one thing is true, we know we love videos. There’s tons of ways to integrate YouTube on your FanPage. Check out YouTube for Pages, YouTube Channel or Best YouTube Tab for Pages. They all help fans view your YouTube without leaving your Facebook Page.

Conclusion: Make it Better

If you use these applications properly, you can create a one-stop world that engages your Fans, while creating a viral and interesting environment that might turn into artistic advancement. Don’t be lazy. It might prove to be the difference between effectiveness and failure.

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