Saturday, December 25, 2010

HUGE: Facebook Lets Admins Unmerge Places And Pages

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Unmerge Places IconFacebook has provided a nice little virtual stocking stuffer for all those Page administrator who’ve made the mistake of merging their Page with a Place, not knowing the impact. Now, you will be able to unmerge your page and place based on a feature discovered by the creators of the “Unmerge Places & My Business Page” Facebook Page.

While some people are still reporting that the feature is not available, we’ve verified that the feature has been rolled out to some administrators. Many Page administrators have been calling on Facebook to create this feature for months. We’ve even received phone calls from people trying to figure out how to unmerge their Place and Page as it can have a somewhat devastating effect. Josh Constine of InsideFacebook was also able to get his hands on the following screenshot of the feature:

Confirm Unmerge Screenshot

Fans of the Unmerge Places page are singing praises of Facebook for adding the feature, and thanking the creator of the Page, Justin Martin, for spreading awareness about the issue. If you aren’t seeing the feature yet, don’t worry, as it should be rolled out to all admins in the near future.


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