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How can I create a "like" button for my Facebook fan page?

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How can I create a "like" button for my Facebook fan page?

Now that I have a humble fan page on Facebook, I'd like to have a simple button on add to my blog so people can click and become fans. Surely there's some way to do that? If so, I sure can't find it on Facebook!

There's a way you can create a "like" button for your personal profile, but a fan page? Not so much.

Fortunately some friends of mine over at BlitzLocal saw the same problem and has addressed it by writing a simple tool to help you create just these links.

To start, here's the tool they built: Facebook "Like" Builder. The key portion of it looks like this:

facebook like button builder

The tricky part of using the tool, however, is figuring out your fan page number code. I figured it out, though, so you don't have to stress too much.

Go to your Facebook page and click on "Ads and Pages" on the left side. That'll take you to a page that has information about your fan page like this:

facebook like button generator 2

You don't need to leave the page. Instead, you'll want to right-click (or Ctrl-Click, if you're on a Mac) on the "Edit Page" link:

facebook like button generator 3

In this case, I'd choose "Copy Link Address" but it varies by Web browser so yours might be a slight variation thereof.

Now the easiest thing is to simply paste that entire URL into the Facebook button generator box. For me, the link is:

The numeric ID at the end is the only thing needed for the actual button generator, however, so if you do paste the entire URL into the generator box you'll have to remove all the other stuff before you click the "Generate" button.

For my Ask Dave Taylor fan page, all I need is the 207652508738 value. I put that in the Facebook Fan Page ID box and click "Generate":

facebook like button generator 4

There's some sort of clipping problem on the left button in my browser, but the right one looks great, so I'll grab the HTML code and, just for fun, add it here:

Click on it and, um, join my fan page while you're at it. Did it work? I hope so!


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